Young, Wild & Free (feat. Bruno Mars)
Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa
Young, Wild & Free (feat. Bruno Mars) - Single
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Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild & Free (feat. Bruno Mars)

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Remember You (ft The Weeknd)
Wiz Khalifa
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Wiz Khalifa - Remember You (ft. The Weeknd)

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I don’t know what to watch now.


I’m caught up on everything I watch and…I have more free time. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The Boondocks. That shit is legit.


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Dear Lifetime,

If you’re producing a movie based on Whitney Houston, why are you using Deborah Cox’s voice? WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT? I love me some Deborah Cox too, I love me some Whitney Houston. What I don’t love? Deborah Cox singing Whitney Houston when I’m expecting WHITNEY HOUSTON. This is bigger mess than the Aaliyah movie.




Did you hear about how pissed Bobby Christina was when she wasn’t asked to play her mom? 


Don’t ask me how I know. I grew up on Whitney Houston.

"Cleaning Out My Closet" and all them other songs, but regardless i don’t hate you cause ma, you’re still beautiful to me, cause you’re my mom
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dom-emmanuel inquired:

Text: Apparently, two days is too fast for rush delivery. So you're going to have to get your package, next week Monday.


Text: I’ll learn to survive somehow.~

Text: You always do.

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Cleanin out my closet | Headlights

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Headlights (Feat. Nate Ruess)
The Marshall Mathers LP 2
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Eminem - Headlights (Feat. Nate Ruess)

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